January 17, 2010

I usually take Sunday off, but since I had the creeping crud this week, I decided to work out today.  So, here it is:

10 sets of squats X 20 reps.
10 sets of push-ups X 10 reps.

I did the 20 squats, and then immediately switched to the 10 push-ups.  I did not do this section of the work-out for time, but my goal was to work past the fatigue and knock out the reps as quickly as possible (no rest!).  This body weight workout is challenging and can be done anywhere.  Push-ups have been, are, will always be, an exercise I have to work at.  My legs are wonderfully strong, but my arms need some prodding.  Alternating between these two exercises ensures I do a good amount of reps using strong form without rest, but I am forced to push through the walls of muscle fatigue.    

Next section of the workout, I used my 8kg kettel bell for:

4 sets of one-armed swings, 20 on each side.
4 sets of turkish get-ups, 5 on each side.

I did the turkish get-up using a form specific to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  I laid down on my back, with one arm straight out to my side, and the other arm, holding the kettel bell to my side and bent to 45 degree angle.   I bent one leg (same as the arm holding the kettel bell) and then "escaped" back, using the shrimping maneuver, simultaneously pressing the kettel bell to a straight arm position.   I sat up holding the kettel bell over my head and then stood up in base.  I reversed the movement to re-position for the next rep.

A solid work-out.  I finished with some yoga stretches.  I feel good.  Tomorrow night I will go to Open Mat, which is not an organized class, but a rather a time to work on specific movements of your choice or spar with who ever is on the mat that day.

For those of you who have stumbled on this blog and are asking "what is a kettel bell?"  A kettel bell is an iron ball (like a very small bowling ball) with a handle attached.  I have found them to be more effective than traditional weights for building lean muscle and explosive strength.

Until tomorrow, be healthy.


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