February 1, 2010

Yesterday I forgot to mention that I made an inch or two of progress in Bikram with the Full Locust pose.  To practice Full Locust, you lay on your stomach with your arms straight and underneath your body, palms facing down.  This feels extremely awkward at first.  Once you are in the correct starting position, you lock your knees straight, keep your legs together, point your toes, and then lift your legs off the ground, using the strength in your lower back and arms to lift your legs.

When I started Bikram a few weeks ago, I was not able to practice this pose at all, and yesterday I lifted my legs off the ground a few inches.  I was ecstatic.  I recommend Bikram for my fellow athletes in their 40's.  I have noticed a marked decrease in my muscle soreness and fatigue since I started supplementing BJJ with Bikram.

Tonight I also want to share one of my eccentric training diet gems: Apple Cider Vinegar.  Not the cheap stuff, but the good raw, organic, ACV (I like Braggs ACV).  I put a splash of ACV in a 16 ounce glass of water with two packets of EmergenC.  This keeps my digestion even, makes my skin glow, and somehow keeps muscle soreness at bay.

I shared this recipe with my sister several months ago because she was having stomach issues.  She told me I was crazy, until today when she confessed that she recently started using the ACV and achieved wonderful results.

That is all, I am off to bed.


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