February 16, 2010

I went to BJJ this morning.  We worked on one takedown and one escape.

The takedown involved holding my opponent's sleeve, and collar.  Then, while still holding the collar, I shot my body down to my opponent's leg (same leg as the side of the collar being held),  wrapped my arm around his leg and grabbed my own collar.  At this this point, my opponent was already quite off-balance, I didn't realize just how much until my sparring partner took me down with the move.  The last part of the technique was a solid drive forward until my opponent was on his back.

Our second technique started from the turtle, with my opponent sprawled on my back, and his arms around my waist.  I trapped one arm, then stepped out, and laid on my opponent's chest.  A few details:  I trapped my opponent's left arm with my right arm.  I laid out of the turtle by rolling toward my right side, and stepping out of the turtle with my right hip and leg.  My opponent was unable to base out immediately, due to the fact I had trapped his arm.  The last part of the technique (and crucial for me) was to turn face down, into side control.

I had a good class today, and I'll say that today was a solid good.  I attacked, I dominated my matches, I was moving well, and my technique was sharp.  A couple of classmates that I respect commented they could tell my game was stepped up and I was MOVING.  I was so happy to hear this, as I have been working on the "attack" frame of mind, which is not totally natural for me.  I know I have a treasure trove of wickedness and aggression deep in the darkest waters, and I am learning to harness that power.  The human machine is such a remarkable force, we are our own pot of gold.  We have the choice to be sedentary, sad, and slothy, or we can choose to be a multifaceted bottomless ocean of potential, bright light, and strength.


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