March 2, 2010

I have not posted (nor trained) in several days due to the fact I needed to focus on an exam for work, which is required for me to make lateral movement into new divisions.  Thankfully the exam is done because I am waaayyyy over the task of reading department procedures six hours a day.

So today, I went to BJJ and had a wonderful class.  You know the triangle?  That I have been working on?  I threw it on today, not once, but twice. TWICE!  In a row! On the same opponent!  He knew it was coming and I still wrapped it up!  He was a blue belt about my size, so my next goal is to lay my triangle on my own belt class and higher.

Today we worked on two techniques, one arm lock from the standing position, and the triangle from the guard (slightly different from the method I have been using).  The arm lock begins with my right hand holding my opponent's left collar, and my left hand hand holding the right upper sleeve.  I place my right foot on my opponent's left hip, fall back, and swing my left leg over my opponent's head.  It's important to hold the sleeve, and keep pressure on the left hip, as this keeps my opponent's center of gravity unbalanced.  A slight lift of the hips finishes the move by locking my opponent's right arm.

The triangle begins with my opponent in my guard.  I drag his right arm over and behind my head, I use my legs to pull my opponent forward and off balance.  I use my left arm to trap my opponent's right arm next to my left side.  I bring my left arm through the trapped arm and sink my hand into my opponent's left collar, then I fake a choke by placing my right hand on my opponent's right collar.  My opponent will instinctively block the choke with his left hand.  I grab my opponent's left hand and slip my right leg through and around her neck.  I lock the triangle, lift my hips and move my opponent's right arm to my right side.  One slight pull on the back of my opponent's head, and the move is locked solid.

I thought I would say a few words about skin tonight.  If you partake in martial arts, please take care of your skin.  Treat it with kid gloves.  Your skin takes as much of a beating as your muscles.  Don't skimp on cleansers, and don't get caught up in the anti-bacterial rage.  Skin needs good bacteria and oils to stay healthy and shiny, and if you use an anti-bacterial soap all the time, you strip away the good stuff. (Save it for once a week).  I like Dr Bronners soaps for body and hair, and for my face I use Pond's Cold Cream.  (Yes, good 'ol Ponds).  My hair is something of a fine, wimpy problem child, so if anyone has any ideas for hair I'm all ears.

That's it for tonight...


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