March 3, 2010

I will write a short post tonight, as it's getting late and I need to go sleepies.

So today, we worked on this killer move from open guard, I will try to describe it as clearly as possible.

I start out with my opponent in my guard.    I grab both sleeves.  She stands up in an attempt to break my guard.  I place my right foot on my opponent's left hip, then scoot my butt onto my opponent's right foot.  I wrap my left hand around my opponent's right ankle.  I slide my left leg around the back of her right leg, then place my left foot on top of her left leg, pull the right ankle, and kick her left leg away with my right foot.  I keep a good hold on her sleeve to control the arm.  The move (when done correctly) places me in side control.    I know this sounds utterly unclear, but the move is quite simple and extremely effective.  We also learned the counter to this move, and as always in BJJ, a counter to counter of the counter, etc...

I had a good class tonight.  I rolled with one my male sparring partners who outweighs me by 50 or 60 pounds AND who is also a purple belt.  Guess what I tried?  The triangle of course.  I came that close, but alas, success eluded me.  I was pleased with my effort, as he knew what I was doing and was fighting me the whole time.  I still managed to control his arm enough to slip my leg through and around his neck.  I failed to lock my foot and ankle correctly, and I had trouble moving his arm across.  The work continues.

More open guard work tomorrow night...


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