August 21, 2010

August 21, 2010

Ah Saturday!  Hill repeat day!  Almost as much fun as Algebra II.  Hill repeats are great for building explosive strength and a solid cardiovascular base.  My work out starts with two repeats as a warm-up, not fast, just a light jaunt to open up the lungs.    

I do 3 repeats at 3/4 strength, with one set of push-ups in between starting with 10, then I ladder down to to 8.  

One minute rest.   

Three more repeats at full speed; paying careful attention to giving a strong burst at the beginning, and slow relaxed breathing.  I also perform sets of push-ups, in between these laddering down to 5.  

One minute rest, okay, maybe two.

Two more repeats at 3/4 strength.  Push-up ladder back UP, starting with 5.

Three more repeats at full speed.  Push-up ladder to 9.  Again, the key here is explosion, speed, and relaxation.


One last set of 10 push-ups, the two repeats at an easy pace.  

crawl down the street home.

This work-out puts my cardiovascular system into a solid anaerobic, semi-miserable state, and keeps my BJJ flowing.  

The hill that I run is steep enough to be challenging, but I can still reach out to a gazelle stride.  My slowest time on this hill is 30 seconds (warm up speed) and my fastest is 24 seconds.  

Train well.


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