August 24, 2010

Hill repeats on Saturday were filled with solid misery, which I consider a good thing.  I have discovered that true cardio improvement only comes when one accepts and learns to enjoy misery.  I try to imagine a coach yelling at me, as I ache to rest one more minute to catch my breath, the inner voice says, "No."  THIS is the moment you push past the "strain" and strive for more excellence.  So, as I was commiserating with misery, I was joyful and exalted the moment with each reach up the hill.  I threw in one extra set of 10 push-ups at the end, for a total of 100 push ups.

Sunday night I did a basic, but strengthening KB and CB work out.  4 sets of: 20 swings with the 16 KG KB, then 10 "orders" with the CB.  I mixed in a few circular shoulder swings with the CB, and sit-ups on the exercise ball, whilst holding a 10 pound medicine ball over my head.  

Last night I went to open mat.  Pretty mellow session.  I rolled with Louis, a wickedly strong black belt, and whose guard I WILL pass one day.  I made it to a solid half guard last night, but passing is turning into a quest for the Holy Grail.  Also rolled with one of the heavier new purple belts.  Achieved side control, got swept and mounted. Escaped (yeah!), put him in guard, went for Omoplata (didn't get it),  guard again, tried triangle (made him stand up), swept him back, and reclaimed my side control.  I did not get a submission, but I have to say, I was pretty happy with fight, as Jesus outweighs me by 60 pounds, and I dominated the fight.  

I have a question for the women; why do you train?  Traumatic experience?  For the fun of it?  For work?  For general self defense?  For personal insight?  For general awesomeness?  I am not being sarcastic,  I am truly curious.  I feel such camaraderie with my fellow BJJ women, and I am curious about the various paths women travel to martial arts, as for many of us, this path is akin to a thin road on a map, not often travelled, but perhaps one of the most beautiful.   


  1. Luckily, no traumatic reason. I turned 33, and wanted to get my fitness (read that as weight) under control so I found CrossFit. I did CrossFit for a summer and a BJJ class happened in the same space twice a week while I was there for CrossFit. I watched it a little bit and thought it looked like lots of fun so I tried it out. I quickly equated it to physical chess and it stimulated my engineer mind, and the rest is history. [Fresh Blue Belt on an injury timeout].
    Btw, best blogger name ever. I keep thinking "Who is Dagney Taggert?".


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