August 30, 2010

I played hooky in Algebra class the other day, and skipped my hill repeats.  My sister, brother-in-law, and devilish 3-year old nephew were in town for the day so I did the family bit.

I ran yesterday instead of Bikram to mix things up.  I find the occasional short run (3.5 miles) is a soothing diversion.  Also, on a more vain note, running keeps my butt in good shape.

No Open Mat tonight due to a 5-hour overtime situation at work this morning.  I did not get home until noon so sleep was a priority today.  Graveyard is my favorite shift, but it's a double edged sword.

I may have written about this before, but the subject is a worthy discussion.  Working these hours is like attaching an open sieve to your energy level and watching helplessly as you accrue sleep debt with 30% interest.  The sleep you get during daytime hours is less effective than nighttime sleep.  So, even though you think you are getting enough rest, your body is slipping slowly into a pit drained, chronic tiredness.  I have run myself into the ground more than once by ignoring my body's need for rest, so, here I sit, with coffee and my blog.  The mat will be there tomorrow night.

And on that note, the work hour approaches again....

Train well, Train often



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