November 26, 2010

So I did a killer KB workout Wednesday night.

Part One, using the 12 kg KB:

5 reps of  the "four-way," which consists of a one arm: swing, clean, two presses from the clean, snatch, then a throw to the other hand.

12 Push-ups (working up by two a week, next week I will do 14)

6 Pull-up(s) okay I did my one pull-up, then 3/4 of the second pull-up, then 5 reverses. Again, this is a still a work in progress.  My push-ups and pull-ups are still sitting at the kids table.

Part Two,  using the 8kg KB:

5 reps of:  a Turkish Get-Up, using a form of standing up in base while holding the KB overhead.  I concentrated on really exploding up while pushing the KB up from the core, as if stretching upward.  After getting into the standing position, I carefully re-positioned my feet and hips to perform a slow and deliberate Windmill, followed by a reverse to the TG-U start position.

15 reps: holding a 10 pound medicine ball while laying back on a large exercise ball.  I slowly and gently swing the medicine ball over my head with straight arms.

Part three, using the 16 kg KB:

Two sets of 30 swings.  Special attention paid to using the core to generate power.

Stretch Stretch Stretch.

Train well!



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