Countdown to Paleo....

Okay, I scarfed a patty melt and a wonderful IPA at lunch today, and I am seriously considering a plate of pasta right now.

Because tomorrow,


I don't have the book yet,  but I am going to start by following some of the recipes on "The Clothes Make The Girl,"  which is a wonderful blog by a gal who does Roller Derby and by all accounts she is rippingly cool.  Her link is on my Reading List.

The two things I am going to be strictest on are wheat and sugar.  I can practically feel the sensation of my metabolism and energy dropping off when I indulge too much of these little bastions of evil.  So, I'll just pull out a Jedi Mind Trick on myself after tonight; "This is not the ice cream you want...(hand waves across the offending ice cream, erasing all cookie dough from sight).

I will be using a lot of broccoli, which I find revolting, but it's loaded with vitamins; and based on prior food regimens I have followed, I know my body loves broccoli.  So, brain, deal with it.  My trick with broccoli is to take advantage of the weird texture.  I chop it up really small, then add it to a tomato sauce with lean meat.  Or, I will add chopped broccoli to a salad, soup, or vegetable concoction.  I'll probably start doing the same thing with fresh spinach, throw in a handful to a soup or tomato sauce.

I am not giving up coffee.  Not. Giving. Up. Coffee.

Today, my husband asked, "So, where does alcohol fit in with Paleo?"  Then we spent 15 minutes talking about how copious amounts red wine and sake would totally be okay...(ha!).

Seriously though, I am excited.  I will post my first day menu tomorrow night.  For now, pasta with cheese, olive oil, and sun-dried tomatoes.

Train well,



  1. FYI- there's usually a one to two week gap; where you might feal more sluggish. This when your body is learning to get it's energy from fats and not the sugars it's used to. The time depends on how well you where eating before.
    Good luck.

  2. Just stumbled on to your blog, but I did/am doing the paleo thing, and it's been great.
    I blogged the whole first 30 days here:
    I agree with Josh, first two weeks are tough. I was lusting for bread for a while, but then you adapt and it's easy.
    Great blog, and good luck!

  3. My diet has been pretty decent , I make a conscious effort to eat vegetables everyday, but I also allow the occasional cookie or two, and sometimes my vegetables are in the fried rice from my favorite Chinese place.

  4. @JB- Thank you for the info! I read over your menus and I will probably steal a few of your menu plans.

  5. Cant wait to see how this works out for you...keep us posted!


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