Happy New Year!

Happy 2011!

I have not written in a few days and my brain is started to turn into a jangle tangle of a wrangle.  When I don't work out for a few days, my brain frys.  When I don't write for a few days, my brain frys....hmmm That pesky mind body connection is so annoying.  The mat that absorbs the malcontent demons and the keyboard builds a pathway for them to march back into the box from whence they came.

Fabio has been closed for the past week and I am looking forward to rolling on Tuesday morning.  Time to bring it.  Then, Wednesday night, I gotta bring it.

My sister started training at the Gracie Academy a couple of months ago, and she is completely hooked.  Well, she told her instructors I train with Fabio Santos, which apparently prompted a flurry of  "OHHH, Fabio!  Oh!! Tell her to come up here to train with us!!"  So Wednesday night, my husband and I are going to drive up my sister and brother-in-law's house to babysit my nephew on Thursday.  But Wednesday night, Dagney gets called to the carpet.  My newbie sis is so excited I am going to train at her school, and I told her, "Chica, do you have any idea, ANY idea, what I am about to get myself into?"  It's bad enough to be a guest in any school, but a guest at the Gracie Academy?  Heck everyone knows what happens to visitors.  I'm thinking, at the Gracie Academy they probably turn the guests into menu item for Brazilian BBQ.

I have a million worries in my head.  What if I have an "off" night?  What if I don't make Fabio proud?  What if I don't make myself proud?  All the Confucian widsom in the world aside, I want to go in there and lay down my chops on that mat.  So so so...

January is going to be a whopper of a BJJ meetin' with Jesus month.  I train at the Gracie Academy on Wednesday,  I am fortunate to have the opportunity to have a private with Felicia Oh and Valerie Worthington in two weeks, and my husband gave me TWO hours of privates (2!) with Fabio for Xmas.   I predict improvement strides on the horizon.

I don't have any big time resolutions, other than keep working on pull-ups (I can do 2 solid from a dead hang), push-ups (16 reps per set, all the way down to the floor), and the evil and twisted burpees.

I am still digging the Paleo diet.  My diet is pretty much as follows:  One smoothie in the morning made with fresh berries and/or bananas.  Mixed nuts for a snack.  Lunch is usually celery with almond butter and apples.  Dinner is always my husband's vegetable concoction of the week.  My New Year's Eve dinner cheat was Caesar Salad at Souplantation.  Oh the cheese!

Husband is home from work and the hour is late.  I'm out.

Train well,




  1. Looking forward to hearing how you wiped the Gracie mat! : 0

  2. Also, sounds like you need a little more lean meat protein in your diet?

    Yes, how did it go Wednesday need details.

  3. OMG, Felicia and Val were uber-awesome at WGC. Your private classes should be mind-bending. Have fun. ;)


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