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Forgot to mention, I met Shama Ko again.  I met her once a couple of years ago and it was great to see her again.  Shama is a photographer and has samples of her excellent work on her blog.  I also met Nyjah Easton who I remember seeing the first time I competed at the Pan Ams in...2008? She was a purple belt back then, and I remember her because she had this game face that could make snow fall in the Sahara.  Last week I introduced myself to her and that game face shifted slightly to reveal a wicked cool woman.    

Some food notes:  If you are in Long Beach, make a slight detour north to Cypress for some divine Puerto Rican food at Senor Big Ed's.  If you have more time and are still hungry after the Mofongo, venture south to Seal Beach to A Slice of New York for wonderful thin crust, honest to goodness, New York pizza.

For anyone competing in LA, Cypress is an inexpensive and centrally located city that has the added bonus of good food.  We stayed at the Rodeway Inn on Lincoln Avenue, which was clean and comfortable, and owned by some incredibly friendly and hospitable people.

Train.  Often.



  1. Hey Dag! Great seeing you @ the Worlds. It's always great talking with you. It's obvious that you're heart is truly in Jiu-Jitsu and you're a genuine person. I respect that. Perhaps one day we'll have the opportunity to train together. Wishing you all the best. Keep on rolling!


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