The night before...

My division starts at 1230 tomorrow.  I am sitting here in my very glamorous hotel (rather not, it's a Rodeway Inn) laughing at my husband because he just discovered the game "Angry Birds" and has been sucked into the vortex.  I've never played, but I am told the game is like internet crack cocaine.

Aaaand, beyond that...I am not nervous.  I have trained.  I have a plan.  I know my game.  I know my combinations.  I have maintained a steady weight of 147-148, so cutting is not an issue.  I am not injured, save for a very minor bit of tendonitis in my right elbow.  I've been to the Pyramid before.

We just had dinner at  a Puerto Rican place in Cypress called Senor Big Ed's.  I ate about 1/3 of my dinner and took the rest to go.  No sense in taking chances with the scale.  We might head back tomorrow night so I can really chow down.  Mofongo is a food group right?  Well if not, then it should be.

I know I sound really bland and vanilla right now, but honestly, I am feeling so laid back.  Kind of of laying back in wait.  I think the weight thing was a major load off.  Usually I have to cut about 5 pounds within the two weeks prior to a competition, but this time I started early by reducing my caloric intake over more time, and this is the result;  No stress, a flavorful, satisfying, small dinner the night before, a trained mind and body.

I'm out.   Will write more tomorrow.



  1. Glad that the registration item was resolved. Wishing you all the best tomorrow, I know you'll do great. Just remember those items you focused on in class. Look forward to reading the results. Train Hard, Roll Well.


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