New female blogger!

Hey all, go check out BJJ Gal. Her name is Abigail and she rolls in Kansas City. Also, check out this You Tube link she posted.


BJJ Gal: Female weight lifting? EWWW! ........ not.: Score one again for Mark Sisson who provided this link today on his weekend compilation at


  1. Hey Dagney! First of all, your name rocks. Secondly, thanks for giving me a shout out! Really appreciate it. Thirdly, I love that you're a brown belt and will be following your journey for inspiration.

    Take it to the line!


  2. Thanks for the link, gots some good info.


  3. Cool! New bloggers appearing is always exciting. :D

    I'm still bummed I can't get your blog to load in my Google Reader though, Dagney. Means I forget to check in to see if you've updated, so only occasionally realise you've written more excellent posts. :(

    Although there is hope! Laura Ng's blog used to do the same thing, but she did something magic that suddenly made it work (hand-coding the gadget thingy on the right hand side, I think). ;D


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