Swept Away

I always love a good sweep and we worked on a good one yesterday.

From the guard, well, your opponent is in your guard:  Grab their left sleeve with your right hand and pull them forward off balance toward your right side.  Use your legs to assist with breaking their posture.  Now that you created some space, hook your left arm under your opponent's right leg.  Swing your right leg over your opponent's head, as you lift their right leg and sweep them to toward their left.  Use the momentum you create by swinging your leg to help with the sweep.  And voila!  Arm lock!  Basic.  Clever.  Cool.

If you have not visited the Fitocracy site yet, I urge you to do so.  If you are looking for a simple way to log your workouts and enjoy a bit of competition, you might enjoy it.  Fitocracy has a "Track" tab that allows you to add or delete sets, and allows you to document the number of pounds you are lifting, or using for assistance (like an assisted pull-up machine).  For each exercise you document, you are awarded points based on the length of time/reps, etc of the exercise.  The various groups on Fitocracy have a "Leaderboard" tab that tracks your point standing against other members of the group.  For some people this could be utterly annoying, but I am absolutely loving it.  You are allowed to see your group member's work outs, which is inspirational and gives you new ideas for your own work outs. There is a "Props" and "Comments" button, which allows members to give you props and /or offer up words of encouragement and congratulations.  I was a bit lukewarm on the concept at first but now I am hooked.

All for now,

Train Hard!  Train Often!




  1. It sounds like the sweep you're describing is what we call a pendulum sweep. I love it! Try it with a whizzer grip as well, it's much easier to break the posture I've found.

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