Hello Latvia and Israel

Warning, this post has nothing to do with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Eskrima, training, or anything  else.  THOUGH it has everything to do with blatant narcissism. 

Okay, not gonna lie, I was shamelessly glancing at my stats the other day and I noticed Israel and Latvia popped up on my "Audience" list in fairly decent numbers.  I googled Latvia and Israel BJJ, and found a couple of FB pages for BJJ in those countries and "Liked" them.  Well, today, my "Audience" hits from Latvia were more than the United States. 

So, hello Latvian Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners!  Thanks for reading!


PS- I am currently doing research for a post on the power of the big toe in our overall performance.  This is not a joke.  Hopefully I will get it posted this weekend.


  1. Big toe = friggin' important. Just try to grapple normally with simple stubbed toe. Ouch... Feels like Antonio Gates style turf toe.

    You gonna be at Grappling X this weekend? If so, hope to say hi. I'm the old bald white guy (Senior 1, Purple, <200lbs).

  2. One never appreciates the big toe until its gone...


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