A short story about women who train.

Last night after class, I had dinner at Souplantation before heading to the grocery store.  As I walked through the dining room for  second round of Caesar salad (I love Caesar salad),  I was stopped by a woman who was also having dinner.  "I love your t-shirt!  Do you compete in jiu jitsu?"  I happened to be wearing my Master's tournament t-shirt.  "Yes I do!  Do you?  Do you train?"  She replied an enthusiastic, "Yes!"

Turned out, this complete stranger was named Brittany,  trains in Sacramento, but was looking for a place to train in San Diego, because she might be moving here.  I told her I trained with Master Fabio Santos, located literally down the street.  And then, what did I do?  I broke personal protocol because this woman was no stranger.  She was a sister.  She trains.  I wrote my name and phone number on a napkin and gave it to her, and told her to call me the next time she has time to train in San Diego.

Two weeks ago, I attended an Arnis-Eskrima seminar sponsored by Guro Romeo De Los Reyes.  There was one. other.woman there.  One!  When she walked in the room we gravitated to each other like magnets, each with the same subtext running in our head, "You're a WOMAN, You're here!  You train!  Wendy trains at another Arnis school and by the end of the seminar, we were Facebook friends and made plans to definitely train together in the future (which might actually happen this weekend).

Women who train truly share a bond,  even it's stretched across the globe like the thinnest connection of salt water taffy, the bond exists.   Meeting one of these women at a seminar, or a random contact in a restaurant, means that thin stretch of taffy suddenly snaps back and strengthens with the superglue of a face-to-face meeting.  It's an incredible phenomenon and an honor to be part of this unique sisterhood.



  1. Yeah, I love that aspect of BJJ. I think I've said this before (possibly even to you directly, when I was in California), but BJJ means you get to skip that step most people have to take when making a new friend. Instead of having to chat for a while awkwardly, get to know them, work out what they're like...you just roll. Instant friendship.

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