Today's Workout, Sunday, July 7, 2024


My husband David and I practice Arnis de Mano, Filipino Martial Arts, together. 

On Sunday we worked on three drills: Babao angles 1-6 with a takedown, Cacoy Doce Pares, Espada Y Daga drill, and Cacoy Doce Pares sparring.

PART TWO  - Tabata - 10 Tabatas, 6 rounds each, 30 second work, 12 second rest.

Jumprope with light speed rope.

Sledgehammer on tire, 10 pound sledgehammer.


Plie' in second position

Tendu' to ball-toe

Plie' in first position


Straight leg releve'

Plie' releve'

Tempe lie' coupe' drill 

Coupe' relevé' drill

Regarding ballet, I am practicing a very detailed and strict form called "Placement" with Patricia DeAnna. She is on Facebook and Instagram, but her current content is on her You Tube Channel. I practiced ballet when I was younger, and I've always considered myself a dancer, even in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and FMA. Placement method gets me back to my roots via a strict road. Bonus, for ladies over 50, this style of ballet is superb for keeping important core parts of the female anatomy good and strong.

PART THREE - Tabata - 1 Tabata, 15 rounds, 2 minute work, 10 second rest

Hack Squat with a 45 pound bar. A new addition to my workout. Super fun.

1 - just the bar, 6 reps

2 - 55 pounds, 8 reps

3 - 60 pounds, 7 reps

4 - 60 pounds, 7 reps

5 - 65 pounds, 6 reps

Clubbells, 10 pounds each

"To Order" drill, 5 sets, one minute and 15 seconds, 45 second rest

Deep Sumo squat with one Clubbell.

5 sets, 1 minute and 10 seconds, 45 second rest


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