January 15, 2010

I have been on the damn couch for the past day and a half with some hideous flu nonsense.  I was going to train Wednesday night, but by the time I was off work I felt so crappy I went straight home.  My husband took my temperature, which was 101.  Oh GOODY.  

Off to bed early.  Stayed home from work...   This has put me in a sour mood, as I started work in a new division this week and I wanted to go in gangbusters, but instead I am the resident problem child.  Also, I don't like to not train.  However, I am still early in the training for the Pan Ams, so it's prudent to rest for a couple of days.  I know I have an internal "reserve" that may be tapped into with the assistance of ibuprofen, (ie- if I got sick on a competition day), but for now, rest is best.

On a happier note, I am feeling semi-human today.  My fever has broke.  I am hungry. So, back in the saddle I go.    


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