March 19, 2010

The groin strain is still hanging around in the form of a tiny, snippy twinge.  Gggggrrrrrr....  Not quite enough to keep me off the mat, but just enough to make it's snarky presence known, like an insolent child.

I went to the doctor on Wednesday, not necessarily to get "diagnosed," but rather to get a note for work to be on low-key, low movement office duty for a few days.  (My job involves a lot of work in the field).  Doc gave me a scrip for Ibuprofen and told me no BJJ for two weeks, (yeah RIGHT).  So I modified his instructions to one week off.  I went to class Tuesday morning, Wednesday night, then I went to Bikram Yoga last night.  Odd thing happened this week.......

So, I went to class this week committed to keeping it light so as not to aggravate the problem child.  I rolled without using an ounce of strength, only pure technique.......which suddenly began to finesse, like I was gliding smoothly from one position to another effortlessly.   The opportunities for submissions presented themselves before my eyes.  I realized, ohhhhh, this is the way it's SUPPOSED to be.

Of course the lesson here is obvious.  


  1. Nice blog. And a good lesson. I had a similar experience, except for me it wasn't an injury, just fatigue. I went to class tired and decided, "Whatever. I'm just going to do the techniques I know and not worry about it." It was one of the best days of grappling I had ever had. ;)

  2. Thank you! I am glad you enjoy the blog.

  3. A.D.- I am dying to know, are you related to Rachel McClish?


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