Let the games begin

So, I decided to start naming my posts, as the blog automatically dates each post anyway, I shall be redundant no more.

Also, I did some interior decorating on the blog, added some links and color and pizzaz.  

AND the Pan Ams are in March.  I have chosen December 3 as my official start date for training.  The last two months I have been training BJJ only once or twice per week, two KB and CB work outs, with pull-up and push-ups thrown in and an occasional run.    I have not thrown my guts into my workouts,  they have been more of a whimsical, jaunty play around.  My goal is to keep the whimsy spirit,  and add the elements of discipline, concentration, and hard work.  I want to go into the competition knowing I trained and worked harder than anyone else.  

I am going to give Paleo a try.  I know that wheat and sugar are the two things that drag my system into the mud, so Paleo should be a good match for my body.

Yawnnnnn, it's late. off to bed.

Train well, 


  1. If you haven't already noticed wheat and sugar are in everything preprocessed or just about. I've given up eating out for the same reason. I find that making my own prepackage meals for the week keeps me from cheating. You saw the comment I made on Megan's blog Tangled Triangle, so I won't repete it here.
    Good luck & Good health.

  2. While you're interior decorating, any ideas on why your RSS feed doesn't like me? Still can't get this blog in my Reader, which is a pain as I like reading it.

    Oh, and thanks for the Michelle Welti link: always good to see more women in BJJ blogs. :D

  3. Slideyfoot-
    I think she has one of two setting set to No.
    1. Add your blog to our listings? Or,
    2. Let search engines find your blog?

    FYI not just you. :-(

  4. Ah good - always nice to know it isn't just a random blip in my reader or something. Cheers Joshkie. :)

  5. Keep us posted on the special training for the Pans. I started Crossfit late November with the idea of having elite fitness by March.

    They want me on the Paleo diet at the Crossfit facility I'm training at. I think I can cut out straight up junk food...but bread is so freaking good! I love homemade bread, butter and honey right out of the oven.

    Oh, and I love sugar.

    I'm screwed.

  6. Okay, I definitely have "yes" marked on "let search engines find your blog," and "add blog to our listings." I also got into Feedburner and changed my feed from Atom to RSS, and used all the Feedburner stuff to maximize all the feed subscriptions. Let me know if this fixes the problem.

  7. Poo. I tried, then waited a couple of days and tried again, but the feed still doesn't like me. Could you c&p what urls it gives you in Feedburner when you go to edit feed? Not sure if that would help or not.

    At the moment, I'm in Firefox and clicking the orange button thing at the far right of the url, but it just laughs at me and reloads your site, instead of going through to the 'add to google' page like normal.

  8. You know, I am on Safari. and we are a Mac house, and I wonder if it's a Mac vs PC issue?

  9. Maybe, but I just downloaded Safari to give that a try, and upon clicking the 'RSS' thing that appears by the url, it came back with this message:

    "Safari can’t open the page “feed://dagneybjj.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss” because Safari can’t load any data from this location."

    Is that the right URL for the blog RSS? Also, have you tried subscribing to your own RSS, presuming you use some kind of reader? If it works for you, then that would definitely mean something funny is happening at my end.


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