November 7, 2010

Training and working out were a little thin this week (after Tuesday) due to an unexpected and frankly upsetting event at work, but today I got into the gym.

I did three sets of 15 swings with the 36 pound KB.  One set of 30 with the 26 pound KB.  A smattering of yoga.

I did 1/2 of  a pull-up!  I have never been able to do pull-ups.  I am annoyingly all Polly Positive with people with my go-forth-and-conquer-of-course-you-can! advice.  And yet, here I sit, accepting, acccepting, that I can't do a pull-up.  That's a bit of a dumb attitude on my part and I am a little ashamed that I gave in to such a non-existent hinderance.  So now Dagney is going to take her own advice.

I started with five reverse pull-ups, meaning I jumped up to the "finish" position and lowered myself down, then, I did five attempts from a dead hang, no kipping or struggling.  Much to my surprise, I made it half way on each one!

This is all part of a slight shift in work/life focus from a desk-related work goal to a more high speed low drag work goal.  Suffice to say, the week has been filled with a few defining moments.  

Train well everyone!



  1. Hey thnx for following my site... you totally can do pull-ups 100% and you're already on the right step - just continue to put in the time and effort focused on practice, and pack in jumping pull-ups, band work, body weight rows, kipping work, etc. I have faith in you...


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