Has anyone trained in Eskrima?  One of my co-workers trained with Grandmaster Babao here in San Diego, and I am going to start training with him.  This will be a whole new path and I am very excited.

I am all sugary happy with BJJ training the last couple weeks.  I am in a solid place.  My game has been feeling...smooooooth.  When I spar, I see what I want to do, I move the chess pieces until I achieve the necessary position.



  1. Sugary happy? Never heard that term before so I guess next time I'm in class I'll have to find out what that is.

    Eskrima would be a great compliment for your occupation. Those sticks hurt can hurt like nobody's business though.

  2. Dangit, I wish I could get your blog feed to work so I wouldn't miss out on huge stretches of time.

    I'll check back more often. :)
    I enjoyed reading everything just now back to the "pole dancing" post; which is where I had lost you momentarily. ;-}

  3. Lynngineer! There you are! Hey I received your message re: a book swap and I think that is a great idea. How is training?

  4. Maija practices Eskrima. You might know her from comments on Rory's blog.

    Just some FYI,

  5. I've been taking Babao Arnis for a few months now. I had a schedule conflict with the main class, so now I'm studying under his son. Actually, I just posted an Inosanto video to the FB group an hour or so ago.

    I'm a BJJ blue belt under Fabricio Camoes, so it'd be cool to compare notes with you sometime.

  6. @James- Do you Romeo De Los Reyes? He will be my instructor.


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