Cool new choke and cool new Triangle set up...

Fabio showed us a couple of smart new moves this week.

First the choke:

Your opponent is turtled, you have one hook in.  We'll say, for the sake of description here, the left hook is in.  You are unable to get the right hook in, so you reach over your opponent's right shoulder, across the neck, and grab opponent's left side lapel, with a slightly looser grip than usual (right at the shoulder).  Then,  fall back to your left side and quickly bend your right leg across your opponent's back, whilst pulling opponent's left lapel.  This is a fast choke, and because the initial lapel grip is looser than expected, your opponent will not notice the threat immediately.  BJJ Mommy and I made a pact to not tell her sis Jessica about this choke, but it's so cool I couldn't help myself.  Have at it Jess, just don't use it on me, (yeah right, she will totally use it on me).

Speaking of Jessica, I want to give her a special shout out here because she just started a Women's class at her school in Tennessee.  Many smiles and cheers to the heartland!

Now the Triangle:

Set up like you are going for a Scissor Sweep, say your want to sweep your opponent to your left.  Once you have your right leg across your opponent's hip line, check if your opponent is holding your belt with their left hand.  If  they are, pull your right knee away from their hip line, then circle your bent right knee around to the top of their left arm, break their grip on your belt with your knee, then quickly shoot your right leg over their left shoulder.  Your own left leg should then catch their right arm perfectly for the Triangle, as you hook your left leg over your right ankle.  During the execution of the move, keep your initial Scissor set-up grip on the lapel, it will help you keep your opponent's posture in a compromised position.

Train train train...


  1. Thanks for telecasting what you'll be attempting in the near term, I'll make it a point to look for you to exectue them during training. Bill was right, you have become instantly heavier (in a good way). So not liking being stuck in your side control of late.

    Train hard, roll well.
    A fellow classmate/training partner.

  2. Muahahahahaha!!! I will try and use it on you!!! =P And on BJJ Mommy too! =P Thanks for the shout out! =)


  3. See Dag, now we have to come up with a new plan!!!! Haaaahaaaa :)


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