Yes Please

Hey Decades, I'll trade you my sinus infection for your Birkin...

DECADES INC.: NEWS FLASH... Just arrived! Hermes Birkin 40 cm: This gorgeous Birkin in Clemence leather in Blue Abysse with gold hardware just showed up on the doorstep of Decades. Another abandon orphan...


  1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years!

  2. Just found your blog. Great post about the new guard pass techniques, thank you. Try a neti pot for your sinus infection, works better than anything else for me and isn't a drug.

  3. I've yet to understand the mysteries of handbags, especially those enormous ones that were super-popular a while ago. I'd be constantly worried about losing it: I put everything in my trousers when it's warm (hence why I go for workmen's trousers, due to all those lovely zip pockets) or my coat when it isn't.

    Although a large bag at least makes sense in that you can fit lots in it. The clutch bag is even more mysterious to me. I can understand you need something to put your keys etc in when you're wearing a evening gown and don't have any pockets, but no strap to at least keep your hands free and help carry it about? Confusing. ;)

  4. Oh can you not understand? love a beautiful handbag.

  5. Maybe if I bought myself a manbag it would all make sense? Think I'll stick with my overpocketed trousers for now. :)


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