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I am feeling rather naked after my last post.  Not vulnerable.  I mean, I wish it was only vulnerable.  The term "stripped down" comes to mind.

okay well anyway.

I wrote about having to dig deep in my last post.  Ha!  Deep is an understatement.  I need to drill way down below Mariana's Trench.  Those physical requirements?  They need to be performed under fatigued circumstances.  It's not good enough to be able to knock out a slew of pull-ups.  I need to knock them out after all the other stuff.  The academy has not been announced yet, so I might have four months to prepare or I might have one year.  

So I have shovels in both hands.  I have been on this road two weeks now and have already seen edges of improvement in my strength.  My husband, bless him, helped me out with pull-ups the other day.  At the end of the workout I actually cried, which is something I had not experienced since starting BJJ.  The tears were not caused by sadness, rather by the weird shared reservoir that exists between emotion and physical exertion.  I predict more of the same.  

This decision has really set me free.  Right now the department is buzzing with everyone gearing up for tests and when I am asked "Hey are you taking the detectives exam?  The sergeants exam?"  I exuberantly reply, "Nope."  I am exuberant because the path is so clear now.    



  1. Wishing you many more of those good tears. Sounds like you have a good partner in your husband!

  2. Wow Dagney, sounds like you have an exciting journey ahead of you. Best of luck and I am anxious to read about all of it. :)

  3. @Jen- No kidding right? Tears are so weird. Yes, my husband is THE greatest cheerleader. I mean, I talk about this at home All. The. Time. And he just looks me in the eye and says, "yeah, it's a lot of work, but you can do this. I know you can." And he is absolutely serious.

    @Mrs Ibarra- Thank you Debra. Yeah, talk about a journey! Thank you for reading. Writing about this process is keeping me on track and accountable.


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