52 Cards on the table

Holy mother of Jehovah.

I wrote a small bit on Fitocracy about the playing card work out Husband and I did last week.

Get a deck of cards.
SHUFFLE the cards (husband, I am looking at you).
Assign an exercise to each suit.
Start flipping the cards.
Your reps are determined by the number on the card.  King, Queen, and Jack are 10, Aces are 11.

We did it again tonight after 2nd watch.  Hearts were push-ups,  Diamonds were sit-ups, Spades were pull-ups, and Clubs were squats.  The math comes out to 95 reps of each exercise.  And now Husband is talking about going through the deck twice.  TWICE.  Because...once is too....easy?  The man is deranged.  Whatever.  I'll do it.  Tonight he teased me that one of these days he was going to plant the deck with more suit cards that were assigned to pull-ups.  He got all evil and laughing and devious..."Yeah!  I'll do that one of these days!  hahahahaha!!"

Tonight the push-ups continued their surge forward, as did sit-ups.  And then there's Maude. The Pull-up.  I am keeping at it.  I have thrown myself into this new venture full force.  Husband reminded me that one month ago, I could do one pull-up, barely two, and yesterday I knocked out three solid.  In any event a fun workout all around.  Tomorrow is rest day.

Train well all!



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