Sucker in dirt post

So.  Off I went on a speed work out today at a track.  Slow, easy two lap warm up.  Stretch, recover.  Four 100 yard sprints.  Stretch, recover.  One 400 at what felt like a good clip.  Totally was not a good enough clip.  Like, there was no clip involved.  There was however, a gallon of molasses involved.  I was not fast enough.  At all.  I need to be under 85 seconds.  I was at 110 seconds.  And my heart was pounding.  WTF?????

Decided to bust out some 200's instead.  On the second 200 my left calf seized up and I went tumbling to the ground.  Lovely.  Just @#$%^&ing  lovely.  Now I am here on the couch eating part of the Caesar salad I was going to take to my squad's game party, my leg is elevated with ice and it !@#$%ing hurts like a mother!@#$% to walk.  hrumph. 


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