A word about food...

This always happens when I have not written for a long time.  I write one post, and then the flood gates open.

The short version of this post is: Listen to your mother and eat your vegetables.

I have demanded a heap of work from my body lately, and I have stayed (knock wood) healthy, with the exception of a couple of little hiccups (a cold and a minor bout of tendonitis in my feet).  I am of the post-40 crew, which according to some, means I am on the down turn.  A couple of years ago I thought, well, the hell with that!  And I started down this path... I was doubly inspired last year during the olympic trials watching Janet Evans and Dara Torres, two doyennes of the swimming world, out there scrapping it with women half their age.  Neither of them made the olympics, but when you examine their times in real world terms (not the millionth of a second terms), they rocked at those olympic trials.

So here are my menu items:

water water water water water water

Breakfast Choices:
Brown Rice with eggs, wilted greens, and Sriacha
Oatmeal with butter or almond butter, honey and cinnamon (yes, sometimes butter)
Smoothie made from Perfect Foods green formula, with almond butter and one banana

Lunch/Dinner Choices:
Any big salad with some kind of protein (small fist size) and rice (small fist size)
Greens greens greens!!!! Kale and spinach.
Tabouli salad with protein
These greens are very high in calcium

This is controversial, but either organic chocolate milk or chocolate protein shake and a small bag of cashews.  I was totally off dairy for a long time, but I was concerned about my calcium intake.  I started drinking chocolate milk only after an intense workout.  It's extremely satisfying and keeps me going for a solid four hours.  I don't experience a sudden energy drop and I don't get hungry.  I also love a small of cashews for recovery.  Yes, the evil nut, loaded with fat.  Salted too.  I want to stress the chocolate milk/cashew combo is only after speedwork at the track, or an intense endurance workout.

A handful of mixed nuts
Plain popcorn
1/2 of a Clif Builder's Bar (usually while at work)

I tried strict Paleo for a bit, but the intense workouts left me lethargic.  I added carbohydrates for my morning meal and light carbs during the day.




  1. Nice to see you writing again.

    I love cashews. :) I went to the bulk food place and made my own mix with cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, pecans and walnuts. But more cashews than anything.

  2. Hi Savage...Right??? Cashews are simply to die for. For the day of the tryout I am going to go all splurgy and make a mix of cashews and carob chips. It will be a long day.

  3. Paleo for Athletes


    How have you been? I'm well, & I too haven't been blogging mutch/at all.



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