Today's Workout, Saturday, July 6, 2024

 I've been inspired lately by women over 50 who rocking fitness to the next level with weightlifting and rigorous physical activity. I want all people to take no holds barred, proactive, ownership of their physical and mental health, so I've decided to start posting my workouts. I figure, I'm doing workouts that are aggressive and maybe one of these days I'll be the person who inspires another to venture outside their comfort zone and start walking the road to a health and well-being.

Saturday, July 6, 2024

PART ONE, Tabata - 10 Tabatas, 6 rounds each, 30 second work, 12 second rest.

Jumprope with 1 pound rope.

Sledgehammer on tire, 8 pound sledgehammer.


Plie' in second position

Tendu' to ball-toe

Plie' in first position


Straight leg releve'

Plie' releve'

Port de Bras and tendu drill, front

Port de Bras and tendu drill, back

PART TWO, Tabata - 1 Tabata, 20 rounds, 2 minute work, 10 second rest. This is the weightlifting portion. The 2 minute "work" accounts for work, rest and changing out weights.

Cleans, 45 pound bar. I had not done Cleans in a couple months, so I went very conservative with weight. Truth be told, I don't love Cleans, but they are good for developing power, so back to them I go.

1 - Bar +10 pounds, 8 reps

2 - Bar +10 pounds, 10 reps

3 - Bar +15 pounds, 10 reps

4 - Bar +15 pounds, 10 reps

5 - Bar +20 pounds, 10 reps

"Running Arms." I hold a 10 pound dumbbell in each hand and move my arms in a front to back motion, The way you would move your arms during a sprint. The purpose of this exercise is to develop strength in motion, which benefits Arnis de Mano practice (Filipino Martial Arts).

5 sets, 1 minute and 15 second work, 45 second rest.

Incline Pec Fly, dumbbell.

1 - 10 pounds, 10 reps

2 - 15 pounds, 10 reps

3 - 15 pounds, 10 reps

4 - 20 pounds, 8 reps

5 - 20 pounds, 8 reps

Shoulder Fly, Standing, dumbbell, otherwise known as a total ego crushing exercise. Building shoulder strength is not an easy task.

1 - 10 pounds, 8 reps

2 - 10 pounds, 8 reps

3 - 15 pounds, 8 reps

4 - 15 pounds, 8 reps

5 - 10 pounds, 10 reps

This was a solid workout! And the day was hot.


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