New Best Friend is a Dummy

This is my new best friend, which I have named Jacob, after my nephew.  My pull-up bar is named Ellie, after my niece.  Keeping these wonderful impressionable kids in my mind as I prepare for swat tryouts provides motivation to push farther.  Sorry for the horizontal image.  My editing skills are sad.

Many many many THANK YOUS!!!!! to my awesome husband for assisting me with this project.  This began as a duffle bag stuffed with sand bags and disc weights, with fire hose arms; which proved to be too cumbersome, as the weight distribution was weird.

Brilliant Attila the Husband came up with the idea of using an old 31-inch railroad tie, with fire hose attachments for the arms and legs. (The real dummy for tryouts has arms made of fire hose).  He used heavy duty duct tape to fasten 20 kg KB's to the legs for "feet".   When I got home from work last night he showed off his handy work to me; all proud and beaming.  He is completely amazing.  Right now this weighs about 140 pounds, but I have several 10 pound disc weights that I will tape to his head for extra weight.  

I tried Jacob out this morning,  I ran one mile, then dragged him around our front yard, and then repeated once.  This short exercise gave me a good indication of just how "shot" my legs will be after the dummy drag part of the test, which is in the middle of the obstacle course.

Slightly off topic-you can purchase used fire hose on Ebay, and it makes a great dog toy.  Also, for the fans of "re-purposing" out there, there are several intrepid folks who make cool and stylish purses, bags, wallets, etc out of old fire hose.

Off to work!

Train well,



  1. This is nothing to do with the post, but I have FINALLY managed to get your blog into my Google Reader! YAY! Only took me a couple of years. ;)

    Your normal feed has never worked for me, so after a bit of googling, it turns out that using the blog ID number means you can get the rss via a workaround. I can see your blog ID by using Chrome, as that lets me look at all the coding type stuff I don't understand by right clicking then looking at 'Inspect Element'.

    Anyway, the important thing is that a working RSS feed for this blog is: :D

  2. Yeah! Yeah I have tweaked all the "feed" settings a few times, so I'm glad everything works now!

    1. Just checking in, and hoping everything is going well for you.

  3. Great ingenuity. This sounds right up Tom's alley. He and his friend recently made a sled out of old trampoline parts.

  4. Dagney...I think I may have nightmares about Jacob. Just thought I'd share. He seems like a great workout buddy though...even if he could star in his own horror flick:)


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