Look, It's Right There.

I just finished watching a documentary about a cult.

I am saddened to my core by the number of people who believe their "answers" will come from a guy with a bad hair-dye job for the mere cost of a several hundred thousand dollars.  Oh!  And within, one week's time.

The answers, the reasons, the purposes, are right in front of you.

The answer is, go do something.  Right now, or tomorrow.  Go...volunteer somewhere.  Go....take a jiu jitsu class.  Go...have breakfast with your parents just for fun.  Or, decide you are going to batten down the hatches and train for a marathon.  God, people, you don't need a shiny guy in a shiny suit to give you an answer.  

The reason?  Because this is not a dress rehearsal.  Because as much as we all plan about next year, retirement, the far future, Reality has her own plan.  Reality might flip a switch and drastically change your life in the next month, or not, but at the end of the day, what if your breakfast this morning with your loved ones was the last?

Your purpose?  Inspiration.  Influence.  In committing action, you will create a sphere of purpose.  Many of the people I count as being influences in my life probably had no idea of their impact, but they were committed to their actions and they shaped the people around them.

In unrelated news, I signed up for the Pan Ams in Irvine.  5 weeks away.


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